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Commercial Decorating

We are proud to work for some of the most discerning brands in the country, designing new installations on an annual basis or for longer term hire contracts. 


We are chosen for our reliability, safety and professionalism and consistently offer excellent customer care in this busy industry.

But don't take our word for it - please see our testimonials or ask for references from clients for whom we have worked for years. 

Working large projects with commercial clients such as the Gherkin has enabled us to expand the scale and innovation of our ideas and schemes. 

We thoroughly enjoy returning to our existing clients and creating new ways to utilise and brighten office spaces. 

We are extremely proud of our large scale commercial projects. We specialise in maintaining a consistent scheme, highlighting key branding and colour themes, across numerous rooms in large buildings. 

We can also provide bespoke decorations personalised to your own design.


Here we designed a Maltese Cross theme for the decorations for The Hospital of St John and St Elizabeth, with unique pieces to fit in with stunning colour schemes. 

To avoid disappointment, call us early to discuss your requirements:

01483 235 487